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Our home tuition service can help your child get to grips with the National Curriculum. We also help children reintegrate into mainstream education at our tuition centre in Milton Keynes.

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Home tuition

Our home tuition service, in partnership with our sister company Supply Teaching Ltd, provides specialised tutors who have experience of mainstream schools and the national curriculum. Our tutors work with students to build confidence by identifying and filling knowledge gaps which in turn accelerates learning and boosts grades. We also prepare students for external exams, including SATs, GCSEs and the 11+, covering all subjects and age groups. We have numerous examples of success over many years.

To make a booking or for more information please contact us:
Tel: 01908 662655

Tuition centre

Our Ofsted inspected tuition centre covers many aspects of learning and education

We have specially trained intervention teachers and assistants working closely with local authorities and councils. Students with SEN are assisted with their learning skills on a one-to-one basis in a small class setting, to help reintegrate them back into the mainstream educational system. We work with and report back regularly to parents, carers and the supporting network to confirm the progression of learning and development and to ensure a smooth transition back to regular schooling. The same service can be offered externally when a setting is available for the student. For more information please contact us.

Teacher training and private hire

The Tutoring Centre can also used for in-house and external training courses as well as being available for private hire. We run regular safeguarding courses for our teachers and a return to teaching course for those who need to get back up to speed with the curriculum and latest classroom practices. If you are interested in these courses or hiring the training facility please contact us at Supply Teaching Ltd.

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