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Our tuition centre in Milton Keynes, can help your child get to grips with the National Curriculum and be the best prepared they can be for their exams.

Using a combination of teacher and computer based tuition we can offer your child the boost they require to assist in any areas requiring development or preparation for upcoming exams such as SATs or 11 Plus. As we only use experienced and qualified teachers they can interact with your child to fully understand and determine the best path forward to maximise their learning capabilities.

Our experience


As a sister company to Supply Teaching Ltd, Supply Tutoring draws from the wealth of knowledge and experience of over a decade involvement with schools and teachers. Our tutors work on a day to day basis in local schools. We feel it is important that only fully qualified teachers work with your child as they understand the National Curriculum and the necessary learning processes. With access to a large resource of teachers all interviewed and vetted by ourselves we can cover all age groups and disciplines with specialist teachers.




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Before your child enrolls with Supply Tutoring he or she will be receive a free assessment to determine their tuition needs. An individual program can then be tailored for you using our wide variety of resources and activities.

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